Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I thank God for the gift of love and what it means even though we have not a full understanding of what it means to love here on earth.

I thank God for the promise of love eternal, unconditional and unfailing here on earth; none can grant such graces – faithful and ever sure.

I thank God for the opportunity to experience and also share in His love daily through the people around me; these were created in His image.

I thank God for His love and promise of a second chance everyday even though I deserve not these more often than not.

I thank God for the sunshine after the dark clouds and rain. It reminds me daily to have hope in the midst of adversity.

I thank God for His love daily; I could never do anything to merit such. I can never understand why He loves me so much even though I still falter and fail in my daily walk. I can never comprehend neither the height nor depth, neither the extent nor reach of His love for me. I can never love Him back in an appreciable manner as I ought to yet He sustains me by His unfailing love.

While I am thankful daily, I am mindful of the fact that I can never thank Him enough for all that He’s done for me and what His promises are for me. 

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