Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Magic

Our fathers did such and such deeds
We proclaim such and such a creed
What I have I am able to share with you
Years ago, it might been for very few

I call it my magic!
Lack of it is tragic!

No one could have preserved traditions
Precisely so for many generations
Without it’s inordinate power!
It’s my magic and superpower

I call it my magic!
Lack of it is tragic!

It is drawn not from sorcery
It’s been used throughout history
It’s the amazing magic of reading
And the wondrous power of writing!

Seems to me everything revolves around READING and WRITING nowadays.
I have allowed myself sometime today to think of something we can and probably should take for granted. Yet I have burdened myself to think of it and write my heart out. Probably someone might also take some time and share in my thought. I call it my magic! READING and WRITING is my magic!
Through the power of the art, you make out letters from a page and suddenly they form a word and make sentences and convey an idea to you.
It’s almost like magic the best of doctors in this world had to read volumes and volumes of ideas and knowledge stockpiled in volumes of books! You start out in kindergarten rhyming all the rhymes and singing all the songs. Now suddenly you must read volumes and comprehend it and produce a good account of yourself. You must read all those reports or better still, write all those reports yourself.
Now you have an idea you must market to your prospective clients. Maybe talking to them will do but even that will require that you WRITE something called a letter to them so they can READ and understand you. May be you have to make a presentation too…Now that will involve some READING and WRITING.
You have a friend you haven’t heard from in ages, you log on to facebook and suddenly you can chat with them. How? You must WRITE your message and READ their message in order for you to communicate.
You want to turn on the microwave and heat some food. How? You must read out the instructions and turn it on to the desired level!
For the greatest poets, writing seems mystical! In writing, they convey a deeper sense of emotion they might never have been able to do. It’s like getting wings to fly out of your own body to communicate with numerous other souls. When we lay our hands on a good piece, we often fall adrift into a new world, exploring ideas and places where our physical bodies may never be.
Consider for instance reading a fiction novel. The impossible is made to seem possible and for a moment as you read, you enter into a new different world. Not that you are hallucinating for once but just exercising your brain.
In itself, it is an exercise for the brain as dormant areas of the brain are suddenly awoken to react to the changing scenes, landscapes, machines and the likes.
It’s a good thing you share in this magic too otherwise, you wouldn’t have been able to make any sense out of my little piece. And see; now you share in my thoughts… Mystical! I am sitting right behind my PC and you in your room or in a cafĂ© yet our minds are communicating on a single subject at least for this moment. Magical!
Let’s empower the young ones to love the art. It’s their way of fitting into this new world.
Thank your teachers who taught you to READ and WRITE. Thank them for imparting this ‘magical ability’ to you… Stay blessed.

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  1. Seems to me in a way that, the only reason we have progressed as a race is because we can read and write. Imagine any religion without books, no scholars, no teachers and no students.