Friday, June 25, 2010

The angels of The Lord rejoices...

Oh what a joy to know and experience true peace! Hear the savior call out to you, "Come and have a seat" He bids you.
One precious and divine
Yet humble, kind and sublime!
A call to come, dine and wine
With the King of Kings!
Only our God can do this.
Watching out everyday, He longed for your return.
Preparing a banquet, He awaited your comeback from your sojourn in the world.
Never fainting in hope, He looked out each day and dreamt of your arrival every hour.

Being careful to make you comfortable, He set aside the best of robes and the choicest of calves to celebrate your return. His choir rehearses everyday songs of victory to celebrate you! They now await the day of rejoicing in the celestial realms!

To be continued...

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