Friday, April 30, 2010

Welcome address at the Departmenta Presentation

30th April, 2010

Let me begin by thanking the Almighty God for His grace and mercy, The Child Health Department for the opportunity granted us students to take centre stage on this particular day.

The Head of Dept, our most dedicated lecturers, Mrs' Pappoe and Quaye, invited guests, my hard working colleagues, ladies and gentlemen;

It is an honor to be called upon today to chair this special occassion.

I want to welcome us all to this important gathering.
Our common business here this morning is to try and understand more what we are confronted with everyday as we go about our duty in the Clinics and wherever we find ourselves.

We have done a good so far in studying our patients and their socio-economic background and I hope we even do a better job today in the presentation of our findings in the community and also in trying to bring out the correlation between what we see everyday on the wards and what we have seen in the communities we studied.

Just as Prof. Oliver-Commey will say and I say; "Wo'anhwe no yie aa, wonnhunu no yie" literally meaning, if you don't look well, you will not see well! The wisdom and the truth in this statement and I believe a testimony to this statement is what we are about to witness today.

Let me not keep you waiting a long time for the actual business of the day, indeed it will be a dis-service to you all and to these itchy ears of mine.

You are all welcome and thank you for listening.

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